M20793 Marchesinus, Johannes: Mammotrectus super Bibliam. Beromünster: Helias Heliae, 10.XI.1470. 
Zur Datierung vgl. ISTC: “Despite the suspicions raised by Pollard in AmBCat 420, a copy at Lucerne is said to have an ownership note dated 27 Nov. 1470, which ‘shows that this book cannot be a reprint’ (BMC)”
Anm. 1. Vgl. Erster datierter Schweizer Druck. Gedenkschrift zur 500-Jahr-Feier in Beromünster 1470–1970. Beromünster 1970. — Blum, Josef/Kamber, Peter Heinrich/Weber, Hans Ruedi: 550 Jahre Schwarze Kunst: Beromünster 1470 – erster datierter Druck der Schweiz. Beromünster 2020.
Anm. 2. Lage C auch abw. 12 Bl. (z.B. 2. Ex. Luzern ZB).
Anm. 3. “The structure of quire 7/8 indicates that, in the course of sequential composition for one-pull printing, leaf 8 of the 5.8 sheet was printed incorrectly and had to be cancelled: portions of the first letters of the last 5 lines of column 1 of the original leaf 8r are present in the Brown University, Annmary Brown copy, enough at least to indicate that printing of that page had been started. At any rate, even if the mistake was discovered as early as part way through the printing of 8r, some proportion of the 5.8 sheet as a whole had thus been spoiled; rather than reset and reprint enough copies of the two pages of leaf 5 to replace the spoiled sheets, it would almost certainly have been preferable to cancel intended leaf 8 altogether, even if it were entirely blank in some copies of the sheet, and print on leaf 9 what ought to have been printed on leaf 8, and so on from there to finish a now 11-leaf quire” (OPAC Providence ABrownL) [3.XII.2020]).
H 10555. Kaufmann-Nabholz 1. Ce³ M-233. IDL 3089. Pell 7532bis. 7628. VB 625. BSB-Ink M-153. CIBN M-118. Pr 7798. BMC III 799.IB 38104. Bod-inc M-081. Borm: IG 1766. Ernst: Kestner-Mus. 227. Müller: Einsiedeln 491. Sack: Freiburg 2334. Schlechter-Ries 1096. ISTC im00233000.
Bamberg SB. Berlin *SB
. Bern UB
. Beromünster Stift (2 Ex.). Cologny BBodmer. Einsiedeln Benedikt
(def.). Engelberg Benedikt. Freiburg UB
. Haag MMeerman
. Hannover KestnerM. Heidelberg UB
. Karlsruhe LB
. London BL
. Luzern ZB
(2 Ex.). Manchester RylandsL
. München SB
, UB
. Oxford Bodl
. Paris BN. Providence ABrownL
. San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL
. Sankt Gallen Benedikt. Stuttgart LB
. Wolfenbüttel HerzogAugustB
(def.). Zürich ZB
(2 Ex.).  — Holkham Hall (Norfolk).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 28 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen und mindestens 1 Exemplar in Privatbesitz nachgewiesen.
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