12787 Historia. Salomon et Marcolfus, englisch. Antwerpen: Gerard Leeu, [um 1492]. 
18 Bl. [a]bc⁶d. 28–30 Z. Typ. 11:99G. Init. d, f. Rubr. γ. 2mal ders. Hlzs.
Tit. This is the dyalogus oꝛ cōmunyng betwxt  the wyſe king Salomon and Marcolphus.  Hlzs.  Bl. 1b Hlzs.  Bl. 2a ⁌ Here begynneth the dyalogus oꝛ comynicaci  on betwixt Salomon the King of jheruſalē. and  Marcolphus … Z. 7 (v)Pon a ſeaſon hertofoꝛe as king ſa‑​lomō full of wiſdome and richeſſe:  ſate vpō the kinges ſete oꝛ ſtole that  was his fadꝛes davyd: ſawe co‑​myng a mā out of theſte that was  named marcolphus. … Sign. b he is ſone wery that plowyth wyth a wolf. Sa… Endet Bl. 18b Z. 24 … ⁊ handes of king ſalomō/ and turnyd  ayen vnto hys howſe/ and levyd in peaſe ⁊ ioye  And ſo mote we alle do aboven wyth the fadꝛe  of heven Amen  ⁌ Empꝛentyd at andewerpe by  me M. Geraꝛd leeu 
Vorlage: Faks.
Anm. Vgl. The Dialogue of Solomon and Marcolf. A Dual-Language Edition from Latin and Middle English Printed Editions. Hrsg. Nancy Mason Bradbury u. Scott Bradbury. Kalamazoo 2012 (Text nach dieser Ausg.).
Faks. hrsg. von Edward Gordon Duff. London 1912
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 48. Oxford Bodl (Digitalisat).
C 5253. Conway 334. Kok: Houtsneden S. 319. Duff-Hellinga 115. Pollard-Redgrave² 22905. CA 460. Hellinga: PT I 71.II 421. ILC 1926. Pr 9405. Bod-inc S-045. ISTC is00102800.
Oxford Bodl
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