12728 Historia. Reynaert die vos, engl. Übers. William Caxton. [Westminster: William Caxton, nach 6.VI.1481]. 
84 Bl. a–i⁸kl⁶. Zwischen Lage h u. i ein Karton von 15 bzw. 14 Z. 29 Z. Typ. 2*:135G. Min., einmal Maj. f. Init.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a m. Sign. a2 This is the table of the hiſtorye of reynart the foxe  … Bl. 3b Hyer begynneth thy ſtorye of reynaꝛd the foxe  In this hiſtoꝛye ben wreton the parables/ goode leꝛynge/  and dyuerſe poyntes to be meꝛkyd. … Z. 24 How the lyon kynge of alle beſtis ſent out his  mandementis that alle beeſtis ſholde come to his  feeſt and court capitulo   primo  Bl. 4a m. Sign. a4 (i²)T was aboute the tyme of penthecoſte oꝛ whyt‑​ſontyde/ that the wodes comynly be luſty and gla-dſom/ … Sign. b croked and longe wyth/ many weyes to goo out/ whiche  … Endet Bl. 83b Z. 2 … but the foxe/  foꝛ they be his wordes ⁊ not myne/ Prayeng alle them  that ſhal ſee this lytyl treatis/ to correcte and amende/  Where they ſhal fynde faute/ Foꝛ I haue not added ne  mynuſſhed but haue folowed as nyghe as I can my copye  whiche was in dutche/ and by me willm Caxton tranſ‑​lated in to this rude ⁊ ſymple englyſſh in thabbey of weſt‑​meſtre. fynyſſhed the vj daye of Iuyn the yere of ouꝛ  loꝛd ​.M.CCCC.Lxxxj. ⁊ the xxj yere of the regne of  kynge Edward the iiijth/  Here endeth the hiſtorye of Reynard the foxe ꝛc  Bl. 84 leer.Karton, doppels. bedr. a Z. 1 your chyldꝛen/ the heed ſhal Iſegrym the wulf haue/ and I  … Endet Z. 15 des/ that I her of you. yf ye wold al thyng ouerſee wel/ ye  b Z. 1 wold not ſaye as ye doo. I haue ſeen the day/ that ther  … Endet Z. 14 In the male/ therof I lete yow goo qnyte. ffoꝛ I 
Vorlage: Manchester RylandsL (Mikrofilm).
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. London BL (Digitalisate) (Ex. 1), (Ex. 2).
HC 861. Menke V B1. Duff-Hellinga 358. Pollard-Redgrave² 20919. Needham: Printer Cx 51. Ce³ R-137 u.Suppl. Pr 9639. BMC XI 126. ISTC ir00137000.
Eton C (def.). London BL
(2 Ex.). Manchester RylandsL
(def.). New York *MorganL
.  — Ehem. Kraus (New York).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 5 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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