12692 Historia. Paris et Vienne, engl. Übers. William Caxton. Antwerpen: Gerard Leeu, 23.VI.1492. 
40 Bl. a–e⁸. 2 Sp. 38–39 Z. Typ. 11:99G. Init. c, d, f, l. Rubr. γ. 29 Hlzs., dar. 5 z.T. mehrmalige Wdh. DrM V.
Tit. ⁌ Thyſtoꝛye of the right noble and woꝛthy knyght parys and of  the fayꝛe vyenne the dolphyns doughter of vyennoys.  Hlzs.  Bl. 1b Hlzs.  Bl. 2aα m. Sign. aij ⁌ Here begynneth thyſtoꝛie of the  noble ryght vaylliaūt ⁊ woꝛthy kni‑​ght Parys/ ād of the fayꝛ Vyēne … Z. 9 (I)N the tyme of kynge  Charles of Fraūce the  yere of our loꝛd Iheſu  criſt … Sign. b and the thꝛe jewellys that ben in thē  … Endet Bl. 40bα Z. 8 … that in ſuche wiſe we may accompanye them in the perdurable gloꝛye  of heuen/ (A¹)men  β (T¹)hus eyndeth thyſtoꝛye of the no‑​ble and vaylyaunt knyght parys. ād  the fayꝛ vyēne doughter of the doulphyn of vyennoys/ tranſlated out of  frenſſhe in to Englyſſhe by Wylliam  Caxton at weſtmeſtre/ ⁊ pꝛentyd by  me Gerard Leeu in the towne of an‑​dewarpe In the yere of our loꝛd ​.M.CCCC. fowꝛe ſkoꝛe and twelve: ād  fynyſſhed the xxiij. day of Iuyne  DrM 
Vorlage: Dublin TrinityC (Mikrofilm).
C 4606. Conway 333. Kok: Houtsneden S. 284. 293. Duff-Hellinga 338. Pollard-Redgrave² 19207. CA 944a. Hellinga: PT I 71.II 421. ILC 1695. Abbott 197. ISTC ip00113600.
Dublin TrinityC.
Gesamtüberlieferung: 1 Exemplar/Fragment in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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