12572 Historia. Godefroy de Bouillon, engl. Übers. William Caxton. Westminster: William Caxton, 20.XI.1481. 
144 Bl. a⁶b1–16⁸17⁶. 40 Z. Typ. 4:95G. Meist Min. f. Init.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a m. Sign. a2 (t)He hye couragyous faytes/ And valyaunt actes of  noble Illuſtrous and vertuous peꝛſonnes ben digne  to be recounted/ put in memoꝛye/ and wreton. … Bl. 4a Z. 16 (t²)Henne for to knowe the content of this book. ye ſhal playnly ſee by the table folowynge/ … Endet Bl. 10a Z. 30 Here endeth the table of the content and chapytres nombred of  this preſent book entitled the ſiege and conqueſte of Iheruſalem  by criſten men  Bl. 10b u. 11 leer. Bl. 12a m. Sign. 1 2 Here begynneth the boke Intituled Eracles/ and alſo of Gode‑​frey of Boloyne/ the whiche ſpeketh of the Conqueſt of the holy  londe of Iheruſalem/ … Z. 9 The ffirſt chapitre treateth how Eracles conquerd Perſe and  ſlewe Coſdꝛoe/ and bꝛought in to Jheruſalem the very croſſe/ ca‑​pitulo   pꝛimo/  (t)He Auncyent hyſtoꝛyes ſaye that Eracles  was a good cryſten man and gouernour of  thempyre of Rome/ … Sign. d for to ſaue them ſuffred a grete flawe to come in to the contre for  … Endet Bl. 143b Z. 31 … That  place is kept moche honeſtly foꝛ to entere and burye the kynges  vnto this day  Thns endeth this book Intitled the laſte ſiege and conqueſt of  Iheruſalem with many other hiſtoꝛyes therin compꝛyſed/ Fyrſt  of Eracles … Z. 39 … tranſlated ⁊ reduced out of ffreuſſhe in to englyſſhe  Bl. 144a by me ſymple peꝛſone Wylliam Caxton … Z. 17 … whiche boook I began in marche the xjj daye and fynyſ‑​ſhyd the vjj day of Iuyn/ the yere of our lord ​.M.CCCC.lxxxj  ⁊ the xxj yere of the regne of our ſayd ſauerayn lord kyng Edward the fourth. ⁊ in this maner ſette in foꝛme ⁊ enprynted the  xx day of nouembre the yere a forſayd in thabbay of weſtmeſteꝛ  by the ſayd wylliam Caxton  Bl. 144b leer.
Vorlage: Faks. Göttingen SUB (Mikrofilm).
Faks. Amsterdam 1973.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 48. Res.Publ. Unit 64. London BL (Digitalisat).
HC 3684. Duff-Hellinga 164. Pollard-Redgrave² 13175. Needham: Printer Cx 48. Ce³ G-316 u.Suppl. CRF XII 286. Pr 9641. Brit.Libr.Cat. 135 S. 223.IB 55049. ISTC ig00316000.
Cambridge UL (2 Ex., 1. Ex. def., 2. Ex. def.). Glasgow UL
. Göttingen *SUB
(Bl. 1, 11, 29 u. 36–42 fehlen). London BL
. Manchester RylandsL
(def.). New Haven CenterBritArt
(def.), MedSch, UL. New York MorganL
. Oxford Bodl (Fragm. 3 Bl.). Paris BU. Philadelphia RosenbachM
. San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL
(def.). Wien NB
(es fehlen Bl. 1,11,18).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 15 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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