12551 Historia. Fierabras, engl. Übers. William Caxton. [Westminster]: William Caxton, 1.XII.1485. 
96 Bl. a–m⁸. 2 Sp. 39 Z. Typ. 4*:100G. Init. b. Rubr. α.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2aα m. Sign. aij (S³)Aynt Poul docteur of  veryte ſayth to vs that  al thynges that ben re‑​duced by wrytyng/ ben wryton  to our doctryne/ … Bl. 2bα Z. 6 (T²)Henne foꝛ as moche I  late had fynyſſled in  enprynte the book of the noble ⁊  vyctoryous kyng Arthur fyrſt  of the thre mooſt noble ⁊ woꝛ‑​thy of cryſten kynges/ … Bl. 3aα m. Sign. aiij ⁌ Here begynnth the chappters  ⁊ tytles of this book … Bl. 6aα (A³)S it is redde in thyſtoryes of the troians/ After  the dyſtructyon of the  noble cyte of Troye/ there was a  kyng … Sign. b wold taſte humanyle couena‑… Endet Bl. 95bα Z. 26 … Neuertheles who ſo  vnderſtondeth wel the lettre/ ſhal  wel compryſe myn endencyon/  by which he ſhal fynde nothyng  but moyen foꝛ to come to ſalua‑​coon/ To the whyche may fynably come alle they that wyllyn‑​gly rede/ oꝛ here/ oꝛ do thys book  to be redde. Amen  ⁌ And by cauſe I wylliam  Caxton was deſyred ⁊ requyred  by a good and ſynguleꝛ frende  of myn/ Maiſter wylliam dau‑ β leney one of the treſorers of the  jewellys of the noble ⁊ mooſe  cryſten kyng/ our naturel and  ſouerayn loꝛd late of noble me‑morye kyng Edward the fourth  on whos ſoule jheſu haue mercy  To reduce al theſe ſayd hyſto‑​ryes in to our englyſſhe tongue  … Z. 22 … the  whyche. werke was fynyſſed  in the reducyng of hit in to en‑​glyſſhe the xviij day of juyn the  ſecond yere of kyng Rychard  the thyrd/ And the yere of our  loꝛd M CCCC lxxxv/ And  enprynted the fyrſt day of de‑​cembre the ſame yere of our loꝛd ⁊ the fyrſt yere of kyng Harry  the ſeuenth/  ⁌ Explicit ꝑ william Caxton  Bl. 96 leer.
Vorlage: London BL (Mikrofilm).
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 48. London BL (Digitalisat).
HC 4521. Duff-Hellinga 83. Pollard-Redgrave² 5013. Needham: Printer Cx 81. Pr 9659. BMC XI 160. Brit.Libr.Cat. 59 S. 7.IB 55090. ISTC ic00204800.
London BL
(2 Ex., 2. Ex. Fragm. Bl. 2). Windsor RL (Fragm. 1 Bl.).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 3 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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