16 Bl. ab⁶c. 29 Z. Typ. 2:114G, 5:95G. Init. a, l. Rubr. β, δ. Zweimal 1 Hlzs. DrM I.
Tit.(T)He doctrynalle of dethe.  Hlzs.Bl. 1b Hlzs.Bl. 2a ⁌ This treatyſe is called the doctrynale of dethe  and is to be rede afoꝛe a man oꝛ a woman whan it  ſemeth that they be in the artycle of deth.  (R) this as it foloweth afoꝛe the  ſeke perſone ye ſhall vnderſtonde  … Endet Bl. 16b Z. 9 … yf there be none opoꝛtunite to ſa-ye them afoꝛe with this hymnes. Memento ſalutis  auctoꝛ. and Rerum deus tenax vigoꝛ ⁊c.  ⁌ Here endeth the Doctrynale of deth En-pꝛynted at weſtmynſter In Caſtons hous.  By me Wynkyn de woꝛde.  DrM
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 93. Manchester RylandsL (Digitalisat).
H 6317. Duff-Hellinga 126. ISTC id00299500.
Manchester RylandsL
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