08322 Dicta philosophorum, engl. von Anthony Woodville, Earl of Rivers. Westminster: William Caxton, 18.XI.1477 [vielmehr 1479]. 
78 Bl. [a–i⁸k⁶]. 29 Z. Typ. 2*:135G. Meist Min. f. Init.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a [³] Here it is ſo that euery humayn Creature by the  ſuffrace of our loꝛd god is boꝛ … Bl. 4a []Edechias was the ſirſt philoſophir … Lage b riche and poure of oo creaco through wiche all be egall  … Bl. 74a (h³)Ere endeth the book named the dictes oꝛ ſayengis  of the philoſophres enprynted. by me william  Carton at weſtmeſtre the yere of our loꝛd .M.CCCC.Lxxvij. Whiche book is late tranſlated out of  Frenſhe into englyſſh. by the Noble and puiſſant loꝛd  Loꝛd Antone Eꝛle of Ryuyers loꝛd of Scales … Endet Bl. 76b Z. 14 … And afteꝛ thys lyf to lyue euerlaſtyngly  in heuen. Amen.  Et ſic eſt finis.  Thus endeth thys book of the dictes and notable wyſe ſay-enges of the phyloſophers … Z. 22 … Whiche was fyniſſhed the  xviij. day of the moneth of Nouembꝛe. and the ſeuenteth  yere of the regne of kyng Edward the. fouꝛth.  Bl. 77 u. 78 leer.
Anm. Ist seitengetreuer, häufig zeilengetreuer Nachdruck der vorhergehenden Nr.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 48. London BL (Digitalisat). Washington (D.C.) LC (Digitalisat).
Duff-Hellinga 124. De Ricci: Census of Caxtons 38. Ce³ D-273. Pr 9635. BMC XI 115. ISTC id00273000.
Dublin TrinityC. Göttingen SUB. London BL
(2 Ex., 2. Ex. Fragm.). San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL
. Washington (D.C.) LC
Gesamtüberlieferung: 6 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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