08321 Dicta philosophorum, engl. von Anthony Woodville, Earl of Rivers. Westminster: William Caxton, 18.XI.1477 [vielmehr 1477]. 
78 Bl. [a–i⁸k⁶]. 29 Z. Typ. 2:135G. Min. f. Init.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a (w³)Here it is ſo that euery humayn Creature by the  ſuffrace of our loꝛd god is boꝛ ⁊ oꝛdeigned to  be ſubgette and thral vnto the ſtoꝛmes of foꝛtune  And ſo in diuerſe ⁊ many ſondry wyſes man is perplex-id with woꝛldly aduerſitees / Of the whiche I Antoine  wydeuille Erle Ryuyeres / loꝛd Scales ⁊ haue largely ⁊  in many diffirent maners haue had my parte … Bl. 4a (ſ)Edechias was the firſt Philoſophir by whoom  through the wil … Lage b riche and poure of oo creaco through wiche all be egall  … Endet Bl. 73b Z. 28 … And ſuffiſe you with  the trāſlacion of the ſayingis of theſe philoſopheres ❖  Bl. 74a (h³)Ere endeth the book named the dictes oꝛ ſayengis  of the philoſophhres enprynted / by me william  Carton at weſtmeſtre the yere of our loꝛd .M.CCCC.Lxxvij. Whiche book is late tranſlated out of  Frenſhe into englyſſh. by the Noble and puiſſant loꝛd  Loꝛd Antone Eꝛle of Ryuyers loꝛd of Scales ⁊ of the  Ile of wyght / … Bl. 76a Z. 16 (l³)O theſe ben the dictes ⁊ ſayengis of the phyloſophre Socrates whiche he wrote in his book / … Endet Bl. 76b Z. 14 … And afteꝛ thys lyf to lyue eueꝛ-laſtyngly in heuen Amen  Et ſic eſt finis ❖  Bl. 77 u. 78 leer.
Anm. 1. Bl. 76b folgt auf Et sic eſt finis ❖ auch eine Schlußschrift Thus endeth this book of the dyctes and notable wyſe ſay-enges of the phyloſophers late tranſlated and dꝛawen  … Z. 22 … Whiche was fyniſſhed the.  xviij. day of the moneth of Nouembre. ⁊ the ſeuententh  yere of the regne of kyng Edward the. fourth.  (Duff 123a. De Ricci: Caxtons 37. Guppy: JRyL 27; 2. Ex. Manchester RylandsL). Diese Schlußschrift wurde dem Ex. jedoch nachträglich hinzugefügt; vgl. Hellinga, Lotte: The Rylands Incunabula: an International Perspective. In: Bulletin du bibliophile 1(1989) S. 34–52, hier S. 49–50.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. London BL (Digitalisate) (Ex. 1), (Ex. 2). San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL (Digitalisate) (Ex. 1) (Ex. 2). Manchester RylandsL (Digitalisat).
HC 6284. Duff-Hellinga 123. 123a. De Ricci: Census of Caxtons 36. 37. Ce³ D-272. Pr 9622. BMC XI 108. Oates 4060. Pollard: MorganL 673. ISTC id00272000.
Amsterdam BPhilHermet
(z.Z. Depositum in Haag KglB). Cambridge TrinityC, UL. London BL
(2 Ex., 1. Ex. Bl. k4 fehlt, 2. Ex. def.). Manchester RylandsL
(2 Ex.). New Haven CenterBritArt
, UL. New York MorganL
(2 Ex.). Princeton ScheideL
. San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL
Gesamtüberlieferung: 13 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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