07536 Cordiale quattuor novissimorum, engl. [Westminster]: William Caxton, 24.III.1479. 
78 Bl. [a–i⁸k⁶]. 28–29 Z. Typ. 2*:135G, 3:136G. Min. f. Init.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a (a)L Ingratitude vtterly ſettyng apart / we owe  to calle to ouꝛ myndes the manyfolde gyftes  of grace / with the benefaittis. that our lorde  of his mooſt plentiueuſe bonte hath ymen vs  wretches in this pꝛeſent tranſitoire lif. … Bl. 3a (t²)His preſent tretys is deuided in four pꝛincipal parties  … Bl. 3b. Z. 18 Here afteꝛ folowes the prologue of the fouꝛ laſt thinges  … Bl. 4a (m³)Emorare nouiſſima et in eternum non peccabis. Eccleſiaſtici. ſeptimo capitulo. … Lage b all the biꝛth in payne/ the lif in labouꝛ/ and neceſſaꝛily al … Endet Bl. 76a Z. 27 … To whiche  bꝛinge us the fadeꝛ / ⁊ the ſoone / ⁊ the holy gooſt reigning  Bl. 76b in vnite ſempiteꝛnally woꝛld withouten ende. AMEN  (t)His book is thus tranſlated out of frenſhe into  our maternal tongue by the noble and vertuouſe  loꝛd Anthoine Erle Ryuiers / … Z. 8 which book was deliuered to me William Caxton  by my ſaide noble lorde Ryuiers on the day of purificacion  of our bliſſid lady / fallyng the tewſday the ſecunde day  of the moneth of feuerer. In the yeeꝛ of our loꝛd .M.CCCClxxviij for to be enprinted / … Endet Bl. 77b Z. 14 … Whiche weꝛke pꝛe-ſent I begathe moꝛ afteꝛ the ſaide Purificacion of ouꝛ  bliſſid Lady. Whiche was the the daye of Seint Blaſe  Biſſhop and Martir. And fiinſſhed on the euen of than  nunciacion of ouꝛ ſaid biliſſid Lady fallyng on the wedneſday the xxiiij daye of Marche. In the xix yeer of  Kyng Edwarde the fouꝛthe  Bl. 78 leer.
Vorlage: Cambridge UL (Kopie).
Anm. Die Ablieferung des Manuskripts erfolgte nach Bl. 76b Z. 8 am Dienstag, den 2.II.1479 (so zu verbessern, da der 2.II.1478 ein Montag war); der Druck wurde also in weniger als 2 Monaten vollendet.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. London BL (IISTC). London BL (Digitalisat). Washington (D.C.) LC (Digitalisat).
HC 5714. Duff-Hellinga 109. De Ricci: Census of Caxtons 33. Ce³ C-907. IDL 1413. Pr 9631. BMC XI 112. Bod-inc C-457. Oates 4071. ISTC ic00907000.
Birmingham PL. Cambridge UL. Glasgow UL
. Haag MMeerman
(def.). London BL
. Manchester RylandsL
. New Haven CenterBritArt (def.). New York MorganL. Oxford Bodl (def.). San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL. Washington (D.C.) LC
.  — Penrose (Devon) (def.).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 11 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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