07445 Contemplation of sinners. Wirklicher Verf.: William of Touris. Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 10.VII.1499. 
88 Bl. A–O⁶P. 29 Z. Typ. 3:136G, 5:95G. Init. a. Rubr. δ. Leisten. 8 Hlzs., davon einer dreimal wiederholt. DrM I. KolTit.
Bl. 1a u. 1 b Hlzs. zwischen 2 Leisten.Bl. 2a m. Sign. Aij ⁌ At the deuoute ⁊ dylygent requeſt of the ryght  reuerende fader in god ⁊ loꝛde Rycharde byſſhop  of Dureham and loꝛde pꝛyueſeall of Englonde /  this lytell boke named Contemplacōn of ſynners  is compyled ⁊ fynyſſhed. The ſayd bleſſyd fader  in god deſyrynge gretly all vertue to encreace and  vyce to be exyled / hath cauſed this booke to be en-pꝛynted to the entente that oft redynge this booke  may ſurely ſerche and truely knowe the ſtate of his  conſcyence.  (E)Xiguum et cum tedio eſt  tempus vite ne. Sa .ij.  ⁌ Sythen that by naturall courſe  the date of mannes lyf is ſhoꝛt / … Endet Bl. 88a Z. 1 ⁌ Here endeth the treatyſe called the Contempla-cyon of ſynners / foꝛ euery daye of the weke a ſyn-guler medytacyon. Empꝛentyd at Weſtmynſter  by Wynken de woꝛde the .x. daye of Iuly / the ye-re of our loꝛde .M.CCCC.lxxxxix.  4 Dist. Nam huius mundi fallacis gaudia vite  … Endet Z. 12 Quid iuſto pꝛodeſt aut quid peccatoꝛ egebit  Si libet inſpicere vos docet iſtud opus  DrMBl. 88b Hlzs.
Anm. Ausg. William Touris OFM: ‘The Contemplacioun of Synnaris’. Late-Medieval Advice to a Prince. Hrsg. Alasdair MacDonald und J. Craig McDonald. Leiden/Boston 2022. (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions. 232 = Texts and Sources. 12.). — Vgl. MacDonald, Alasdair A.: Searching for True Felicity: Some Masterpieces of Early Scottish Religious Poetry. In: Scottish Literary Review 9(2017) S. 1–18 (“the first ever piece of Scots verse to be printed”, S. 9). — MacDonald, Alasdair A.: Political and Religious Instruction in an Eschatological Perspective: The ‘Contemplacioun of Synnaris’ of William of Touris. In: Calliope’s Classroom. Studies in Didactic Poetry from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Hrsg. Annette Harder, Alasdair A. MacDonald u. Gerrit J. Reinink. Leuven 2007 S. 269–292. — MacDonald, Alasdair A.: Catholic Devotion into Protestant Lyric: The Case of the ‘Contemplacioun of Synnaris’. In: The Innes Review 35(1984) S. 58–87.
H 5674. Duff-Hellinga 106. Ce³ C-869. Pr 9714. BMC XI 223. Bod-inc C-437. Oates 4138. Rhodes: Oxford 617. ISTC ic00869000.
Cambridge UL
(Fragm. 4 Bl.). Chicago NewberryL. London BL
. Manchester RylandsL
. Oxford Bodl
(2 Ex.), CorpChristC. Washington (D.C.) LC
Gesamtüberlieferung: 8 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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