10 Bl. a⁶b. 29 Z. Typ. 5:95G. Init. a. Rubr. δ. DrM III.
Bl. 1 leer? Bl. 2a m. Sign. aij ⁌ Hexe begynneth a Contemplacyon oꝛ medyta-cyon of the ſhedynge of the blood of our loꝛde Iheſu Cryſte at ſeuen tymes.  (W)E ought oftentymes to remembꝛe  deuoutly many ⁊ greuous paynes … Endet Bl. 10b Z. 9 … that my ſou-le be enflammed with loue of the gloꝛyous tryny-te / and endles Ioye of his mooſt bleſſyd pꝛeſence.  Amen.  ⁌ Here endeth a medytacyon of the .vij. ſhedyng  of the blood of our loꝛde Iheſu cryſte. Enpꝛynted  at Weſtmynſter by Wynken de woꝛde.  DrM 
Duff-Hellinga 107. Ce³ C-868. Mead 5267. ISTC ic00868000.
Ripon Cathedr (Fragm.). San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL.
Gesamtüberlieferung: 2 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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