04190 Betson, Thomas: A treatise to dispose men to be virtuously occupied. [Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, um 1500]. 
18 Bl. a–c⁶. 29 Z. Typ. 5:95G. Init. a, d, e, f. Rubr. δ. 3 Hlzs., dar. eine Wdh. DrM I. KolTit.
Bl. 1a Hlzs. Bl. 1b Hlzs. Bl. 2a m. Sign. aij ⁌ Here begynneth a ryght pꝛofytable treatyſe cō-pendiouſly dꝛawen out of many ⁊ dyuers wꝛytynges of holy men/ to dyſpoſe men to be vertuouſly  occupyed in theyr myndes ⁊ pꝛayers. And declared  the Pater noſter. Aue. ⁊ Credo. in our moder ton-ge with many other deuoute pꝛayers … Z. 10 ⁌ The famous doctour Iohan gerſon Chaūceler  of Parys/ takynge his groūde of holy ſcrypture. ⁊  accoꝛdynge with all other doctours ſayth thus.  (O)Vre mooſt mercyfull faď loꝛd god  knowyng our freelte ⁊ redynes to  all ſȳnes. … Sign. b thou ymagyne the ſtate of them/ in whoſe remem… Endet Bl. 17b Z. 16 ⁌ Deus pꝛopicius eſto michi peccatoꝛi. Iheſu fili  dei miſerere rnei et tocius populi criſtiani.  ⁌ Semper deo gracias.  ⁌ Pꝛaye foꝛ your bꝛoder Thomas Betfon which  foꝛ your ſoules  be come oꝛ ſhall come in to rely-gyon/ dꝛewe and made the contentes of this lytell  quayer ⁊ exhoꝛtacion. neceſſary ⁊ nedefull to them  that ben come ⁊ ſhall come to relygyon.  ⁌ Lerne to kepe your bokes cleue ⁊.  Bl. 18a DrM. Bl. 18b Hlzs.
Faks. Cambridge 1905 [5.IV.2011].
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. Cambridge UL (Digitalisat).
Duff-Hellinga 43. Ce³ B-522. Oates 4145. Rhodes: Oxford 343. ISTC ib00522000.
Bamburgh Castle L. Cambridge UL. Oxford ExeterC (def.). Washington (D.C.) FolgerL, LC.
Gesamtüberlieferung: 5 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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