00853 Alcock, John: Sermon on Luke VIII. Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, [um 1497]. 
26 Bl. A–C⁶D⁸. 29 Z. Typ. 3:136G, 5:95G. Rubr. DrM II.
Bl. 1 leer? Bl. 2a Iheſus clamabat (Qui habet aures  audiendi audiat) Luc .viij.  (T)Hyſe wordes ben wryten in the go-ſpell of this daye . And thus to be  englyſſhed . Ihʼu our ſauyour made  a proclamacōn with a hyghe ⁊ gre-te voyce to the people that came to  here hym/ … Sign. b Sacramētoꝝ) ⁌ She wold be baptyſed as her ſone  … Endet Bl. 26a Z. 24 … nor herte can thynke/ nor tonge can  ſpeke/ to the whiche god brynge all. Amen.  ⁌ Enprynted at Weſtmynſtre  by Wynken de worde.  Bl. 26b Druckermarke.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. Peterborough Cathedr (Digitalisat).
Duff-Hellinga 18. ISTC ia00368200.
Peterborough Cathedr
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