28 Bl. a– d⁶e. 28 Z. Typ. 5:95G. Rubr. δ(?). 3(?) Hlzs.
Bl. 1a Holzschnitt. Darunter ⁌ Mons perfeccionis . otherwyſe in  englyſſhe/ the hyll off perfeccōn  Bl. 1b Holzschnitt. Bl. 2a ⁌ Exhortacio facta Cartuſientibus et aliis re-ligioſis ꝑ venerandū in xo patrem et dm domi-nū Iohēm Alcok Elienſ. epiſcopū.  (I)N monte te ſaluū fac : ⁌ Genes. xx.  xviᵒ capľo.  ⁌ Thiſe wordes were ſayd vnto Loth by an angell … Endet Bl. 28a Z. 27 ⁌ Enprynted at Weſtmeſtre by Wynkyn the Worth :   yere of our lorde .M.CCCC.lxxxxvi.  Bl. 28b and in the yere of the reygne of the mooſt vyctory-ous prynce our mooſt naturell ſouereyn lorde Hen-ry the ſeuenth/ at the Inſtaunce of the ryght reue-rende relygyous fader Thomas Pryour of  houſe of ſaynt Anne the ordre of the Chartrouſe/ And  fynyſſhyd the .xxii. daye of the moneth of Septembre in the yere aboueſayd.  Darunter Holzschnitt.
Faks. Norwood (New Jersey) 1975. (The English Experience. 706.).
Duff-Hellinga 12. Ce³ A-366. Mead 5260. ISTC ia00366000.
Bamburgh Castle L. San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL.
Gesamtüberlieferung: 2 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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