00001 Abbey of the Holy Ghost. Daran: The Charter of the Abbey of the Holy Ghost. Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, [um 1496] [vielmehr um 1497]. 
20 Bl. ab⁶cd. 2 Sp. 29 Z. Typ. 2:114G, 5:95G. Init. b, d, f. Rubr. β, δ. 2 Hlzs. DrM IV.
Tit. Hlzs.  ⁌ The abbaye of the holy Ghoſt.  Bl. 1b Hlzs.  Bl. 2aα m. Sign. aij ⁌ Here begynneth a ma-tere ſpekynge of a place  that is namid the abbaye  of the holy ghoſt/  ſhall  be foūded oꝛ groūded in  a clene conſcyence/ in whiche abbaye ſhall dwelle.  xxix. ladyes ghoſtly.  (I)N this abbaye Charyte ſhall  be Abbeſſe  Wyſdome  Pꝛyoureſſe. Mekenes ſuppꝛyoureſſe. … Sign. b And though ony man in  … Endet Bl. 20aβ Z. 12 … That he thrugh  his gracyous helpe kepe  you fro euyll chaūce And  he that made vs all with  blyſſe vs auaūce. Amen.  ⁌ Enpꝛynted at Weſtmeſtre by Wynken  de woꝛde.  Bl. 20b DrM 
Anm. Vgl. Bennett, H. S.: Notes on Two Incunables: ‘The Abbey of the Holy Ghost’ and ‘A Ryght Profytable Treatyse’. In: The Library 5,10(1955) S. 120–121
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 49. London BL (Digitalisat).
HC 19. Duff-Hellinga 1. Pr 9721. BMC XI 210.IA 55232. Oates 4142. ISTC ia00001500.
Bamburgh Castle L. Cambridge UL. London BL
(Bl. 1 fehlt).
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